So long in fact that after getting something approved, no one can remember who is responsible for that each milestone and who agreed to what. We can help you resolve this challenge using our flagship product Nudges.

Nudges use the RACI model to ensure an effective decision making rhythm. It establishes a simple but much needed framework to structure and continually improve on results being seen and best practices.

What does RACI stand for?

RACI stands for Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed. Each letter represents a level of task responsibility for the project or milestone.

  • Responsible Doer – Who is completing the task(s) and producing the output. You may have many responsible doers assigned to completing one output.

  • Accountable Owner – Who is making the final decisions and signing off when the outputs are completed as fit for purpose. There is only one person as the Accountable Owner because they will guarantee the successful completion of the project or operational workflow.

  • Consulted Expert – Who will be providing advice regarding decisions to be taken and quality control. They are the experts on the topic in question and help to mitigate risks and issues. There can be more than one consulted party or group.

  • Informed Party – Who will be updated on the results once the decisions have been confirmed by the Accountable Owner. They will be in the loop, so they know what is happening when and also when key results are achieved impacting their role.

What our 3 minutes video to help you see the workflow of RACI in action.

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