How do we become more efficient in our practices?

In the rapidly evolving world, change is a constant. We understand the importance of wanting to be well prepared for the future but that is not always possible. Ideally, while preparing for the future, we should be asking ourselves ”How do we become more efficient in our practices?”

Last month we had a live webinar on this topic. To support our attendees on implementing the new learnings as regards improving their efficiency and their routines to sustainable behaviours, our CEO Andy Parkins used three powerful words, Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose. Let’s expand on the meaning of these words:


People who want to be in control of their own work and life - meaning that instead of being held back by rules and regulations people want to be free to be creative and innovate.


People who are being motivated by mastering an ability - meaning they are seeking to improve their skills through learning and practice, so they can fulfill their potential.


Having a clear reason to work - meaning a reason that they believe is bigger than themselves. This way they will be more hard-working, productive and engaged.

When people don’t understand the bigger picture, they can become disengaged and unmotivated. Here, success is measured by how we feel in ourselves from the results that we achieve, and NOT by adding or removing tasks off of a list. Nurturing our behaviours in context of these three powerful words, helps make us become more efficient in our work and personal lives.

We understand that we are in control, that we can exceed our own expectations. Moving forward with a purpose that matters to us. Efficiency is one example, you can learn and relearn anything if you have a clear vision to instigate these three powerful words.