Meet Nudges,

our powerful team-based workflow system enhances and measures in real-time the collaboration efficiency amongst work teams and business stakeholders.

The results are outstanding!

Our 6 disciplines for success, make it possible for you to do the impossible:

  • Governance - We ensure your stakeholders and team members are aligned in their roles and expectations through a smart decision-making matrix engine.

  • Accountability - Everyone is empowered to agree, deliver on, and approve the tasks needing to be done according to the roles of a specific project or workflow.

  • Ownership - Barriers between business stakeholders and operational teams are dissolved to ensure total alignment on delivery quality and result expectations.

  • Communication - Structured business and operational communication is delivered in a timely manner and with absolute clarity and alignment.

  • Transparency - From one place in real-time you see a dashboard of work status even when your teams and stakeholders are all in different locations, and timezone working on different streams of activity.

  • Productivity - You know the quality of business performance being achieved, and are inform in real-time of decision-making taking place updates on team priorities and course adjustments.

Would you like to know more about how Nudges applies our 6 performance disciplines to empower your people to achieve operational excellence! Together through a simple chat, we will show you how we will improve your work environment while saving > 11.4% from your operating budget.

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As we all return to a 'new normal', many organizations are seeking better ways of working based on their COVID learnings. We are ready and able to help you and your teams optimize your efforts with best in class G Suite collaboration practices. Ask us how!

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