Another week, another non-negotiable discipline. This week you will learn how to use communication in a more structured way to ensure collaboration, efficiency, and great outcomes.

Why is clear communication important?

Sounds obvious but let’s start by defining that is communication, it is exchanging information and ideas. But clear communication goes a step further, is connecting the business goals to the operation goals in a structured way that ensures full understanding and alignment for all levels of the organization. In this way, you provide purpose thereby ensuring that expectations are being met to build a positive culture and increase team accountability ( Link for Acc Article).

According to the statistics, 57% of employees report not being given clear directions and 69% of managers are not comfortable communicating with their employees in general. A poll by Inc reports that 91% of employees, in a recent study, felt their leaders completely lacked communication skills. We can all agree that sometimes it is hard to share and receive ideas in a group but when you understand the purpose, it sure helps.

Some of the challenges with communication in the workplace are - loss of clients, lack of cooperation, unreached goals, low motivation, low productivity, arguments, high level of mistakes, casting blame, high employee turnover, and much more. I bet you have been in a situation where you were given a task and thought you understood it all, but when you asked for approval it was rejected - Like our friend Fred.

The Sixer way to communicate

Yes, we are passionate about creating processes that makes our team more efficient and effective. And yes again, we created a communication action plan. Our goal here is to build the connection between business and operational objectives, so before you start to communicate consider defining the following:

  1. Keeping in mind the company vision and mission

  2. Be clear about the purpose of your request

  3. Define your message by your audience

  4. Consolidate the information in one channel

  5. Be clear about actionable steps

  6. Encourage interactions across the company

Effective and clear communication in the workplace builds strong team relationships, empowers healthy managers, improves collaboration and engagement that helps the organization advance toward its goals. This is the third article of our Six Non-negotiable Disciplines series, join our newsletter here to receive more.

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