Real Learning: How to guarantee that your team is making the most out of all the training you have been offering?

In the past few years employers have been spending lots of time and money on corporate training. According to The Conference Board of Canada’s recent article Learning and Development Outlook, Canadian employers spent, on average, $889 per employee on learning and development in 2016–17. Plus the average number of hours of learning per employee per year is also on the rise, increasing from 25 hours in 2010 to 32 hours in 2016–17.

That may sound like great news but you, as a leader, must be wondering about the results of this huge investment, right?

Well, we could go over and over about the benefits or importance of training, but efficiency should come even before we start to offer training. Start with your employees being open to real learning. What does real learning mean? I will get to it soon.

First, let me share the two different types of employees' mindset the growth and the fixed mindset, and it can interchange several times according to the situation. The moment the person assumes a fixed mindset the ability to be creative gets static the task will be either a success or failure. While a growth mindset is about challenging the task, failure is not evidence of unintelligent but rather a new way to stretch our existing abilities. Most of the time we are inclined to be in a fixed mindset, but we may constantly challenge ourselves and intentionally change it to the growth mindset.

So back to real and effective learning. Before offering training you might ask your team “Are you perceiving this training as an opportunity to be challenged or not?“, or in other words are you curious and do you have an open mind to be committed to real learning. If the answer is yes, great, you can spend even more time and money because for sure it will bring an impact to your team. If not, maybe it's time to offer training on how to switch this mindset soon. After all, in today’s fast-moving business style, the only way to grow your organization is by hiring people that are able to adapt and change rapidly and to always be open to real learning.

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