Updated: Mar 24, 2020

It doesn't have to be difficult to communicate, connect and nor be a bore.

Just because we move to remote meeting, training, presentation, facilitation the importance of personal connection with our audience remains the same.

Make it personal

Yes, there is physical and psychological distance but you can also reach a wider audience. We all have our creative side and need to tap into the right side of our brain.

- Show up early

Create conversations as people join your session

- It's okay to laugh

Remember you can smile, laugh and convey a friendly and engaging tone.

- Use names

Breakdown the digital wall down by using the attendee's name when addressing questions.

Lean In & Be Present

Virtual meetings don't have to be seen as a waste of time. They can be more valuable than traditional face-to-face.

- Pre-survey

If remote presentation is new or even if you're experienced. Make it relevant. Understand your audience on what would make the session great.

- Test the technology ahead of time

Momentum is important: make sure you can connect to the technology, your face is visible, you can be heard.

- Eye Contact

Yes, just like in-person settings adjust your camera angle and height as if you and your audience are at eye level.

Make it interactive

No one wants to be just told, we want to contribute. Ask questions and have concerns answered.

- Set the ground rules

Whenever you create an interactive session it's important to convey ground rules. Set up expectations. What is the ask?

- Maximize your tools

Many video tools come with much more. Engage with your audience such as the chat functions. Create polls and receive feedback in real time.

- Call on people

Getting everyone to participate including introverts. Imagine a virtual table to go around.

Awkward Silence

Delay in response is normal. Such as the time required to type in chat, time required to unmute, everyone all asking or not asking a question at once. Just breath and allow time.

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