Stop the leakage of your own energy!

Your energy is the most precious resource you own. Let’s use the example of how our bodies require water to survive. We can live without food for maybe three weeks but would typically only last three days without water. Using the same idea we can complete draining tasks for quite some time but if we allow ourselves to leak energy while doing these tasks, we may not survive for too long.

So let’s share more about how to stop the leakage of your energy.

The first tip we would like to share is ‘Closing the loop’. What do we mean by using this expression? It’s that on every action you take you start by having a clear Call to Action (CTA). As an example, every email we send must end with a CTA to each person listed. If someone has not received a CTA then they should not be included in the email. Otherwise, you are only creating noise for them. A fantastic practice besides the CTA, is to include an introduction on the topic, this way the receiver can understand the context behind that communication and why you are sending the email to them.

The second tip is to ‘declutter’. Excessive clutter is often a symptom and a cause of stress. It can distract you from what really matters to your work. It goes beyond having a full desk but also reducing the number of your weekly commitments. You may start with a list of your current commitments and decide whether they will achieve or not achieve your goals. Remember the 80/20 rule - are these commitments supporting the 20% of the effort that will bring 80% of the result? Also learn how to say no and decline offers - it will be helpful to keep your energy in the right place.

Lastly, the third tip is to shift our mindset. Most people believe that there are only two options to define the result of a task - either right or wrong. You may be a person that commits to the mindset of being right most of the time. But if you shift your mindset to a curious view it will allow you to see a lot more than two options. By changing your mindset to a curious view, it can motivate you to become a person that is committed to learn. For example, a mistake today is actually an opportunity that is challenging you to learn something new, and allowing you to be even better the next time.

Try applying these three tips in your life for a month, and we know you will feel a lot more energized.

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