Why Nudges?

After hearing from many organizations about their project and workflow challenges relating to inconsistent experiences and ineffective practices, we saw a pattern of common questions appearing:

  • What’s the best way of doing it?

  • The last person did an amazing job but there’s no documentation.

  • Why are there so many ways to do the same thing?

  • Why wasn’t I notified and only finding out about this now?

  • New staff need consistent and effective training on our workflows and processes.

We decided it was time to be proactive in improving your work experiences, by building a toolset to reflect best practices and grow the intellectual property held within your organization through active sharing. In answer to the questions above and more, Nudges is your solution to capture, apply, and consistently improve structured best practices across your teams. Nudge assists you to:

  • Dissolve silos between teams using our collaborative cloud platform.

  • Increase transparency and accountability through real-time structured communication.

  • Empower remote stakeholders by providing real-time access to information.

  • Coordinate information in one virtual location so key details are available as needed.

  • Reduce decisions making delays, by creating a roll-up of informed facts and status.

  • Accelerate approvals and updates through automated workflows and notifications.

  • Improve reporting by eliminating productivity killers like excessive emails and meetings.

Let us help you reduce your operating expenses by at least 11.4%.

Give us 30 seconds of your time today, and we will book you a demo on how Nudges works?

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