Imagine if there was an effective solution today, to solve your main work challenges around work efficiency and inter-team communication. What is that be worth to you?

Let’s check we have the right context and alignment with you. An operational workflow or business project has two key aspects to it, 1) the 'business why it’s needed' aspect and, 2) the operational 'how's it’s going to be done' aspect. Do you agree?

Would you also agree that effective and structured communication across both aspects is challenging, but critical in mitigating possible vulnerabilities in the results expected, and to address inevitable issues that arise from making progress?

If you are looking to answer these challenges, we have access to a solution for you that provides clear and structured communication across interested parties in a timely and effective manner, regardless of location or device. The outcome is each person involved is empowered to progress their workload, to ensure optimal collaboration and the right results.

In the palm of your hand a solution saving you at least 11.4% of your operating costs, while increasing your business productivity by delivering quality-driven results in a timely manner in front of your own clients.

According to Pulse of the Profession™ In-Depth Report, ineffective communication is the primary contributor to project or standard operation procedure failures. One in every three projects or workflow does not meet its stakeholder expectations due to misalignment and ineffective communication. The same research shows the effect of this failure is an inability to remain informed on progress so as to make effective decisions in a timely manner. This is the result of their 2013 report, and not much has changed in their 2020 report, except now they reveal that 11.4% of investment in a project or operational workflow is wasted due to poor performance. What if you could stop this negative metric in its tracks, while empowering your people to be more engaged, more accountable, and more productive?

Although performance management issues have been well-known for many years, most companies still struggle in aligning their management strategy with execution, due to joined up real-time communication and reporting challenges. There are many tools in the market that partially solve the issue when combined together, but what if you had everything in one place, and at the end of your fingertips, regardless of where you were or your colleagues and suppliers were operating from?

Welcome to our world of outcome-driven performance.

Our flagship product Nudges is a people-centric communication toolset empowering best practice and measuring effective communication and collaboration metrics to secure operational excellence.

Stay tuned to learn more about how we do it and why Nudges is really your solution.

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