Our Process

Our approach is simple and effective. We focus on getting to know our clients first, so that success is achieved in small chunks. This approach builds trust purposely and organically, building successes on top of successes.

Business Consulting
IT Managed Services
Software Development

Our Consulting



We help you find hidden gems. While we expose root cause we work to focus your capabilities and align them with your mission. Our measurable approach means results are consistent and best in class 



We engage with you and create new business value, with a 3 stage approach: 1) Know the costs of ‘doing nothing’ so that the value of change is clear to everyone. 2) Present options and how it saves you time and money. 3) Define a roadmap for continuous improvement and long-term success.



Our strategic insights and expert partners give our customers added value. Our expertise is unique and we offer more as a strategic Google partner. Bringing you a competitive edge to you in your industry and sector.

How we are unique and valuable?

  • We use measurable practices, to deliver and validate achievements.

  • Our work improves overall business performance and efficiency.

  • We don’t stop until our clients are happy with the results and metrics.

  • Our relationships are strong, because we position ourselves as ‘critical friend’ to clients.

  • We use analytics to measure performance and benefits.

  • Our commitment to collaboration builds trust and helps achieve optimal solutions.

  • We help you think ‘outside the box’ and ‘beyond the box’ with Cloud technology.

  • Our access to tools and insights from Google gives you an industry-leading advantage.

Managed Services

We are an extension of your business, let us take care of the administration and pain of maintaining your on premise IT servers, switches, networks and workstations, so you can focus on running your business


Trust and Integrity

We bring peace of mind, transparency, accountability and analytics to businesses. We'll stake our reputation on the fact that we'll always give you the best solutions for your business - all the while delivering our personalized services that meet your needs.

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Customer Service

It’s all about people. We take a business service perspective in running your IT. Through our support and incident management practices, embedded within your Service plan, we provide continuous state of business service accessibility. The benefit is to help you adopt a hands-off approach in running your IT asset base allowing you to focus on your business.

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Reliability Technology

Our depth of expertise and investment in our support infrastructure skills has allowed us to deliver a premium, customizable service.

Whether you’re looking for flexible IT support or total monitoring and maintenance of your IT infrastructure, you can trust Six Factor to deliver Managed IT Services for your business. Precision, passion and performance to consistently exceed your expectations.

What makes our managed services unique?

  • Typical P1 Response SLA is just 30 minutes or immediately via phone

  • Bespoke dashboards allowing a customizable desktop overview of current and historical service stats

  • CSS (Customer Success Improvement Planning) – constantly improving your service

  • 24/7/365 support, server and device monitoring

  • Partnerships with tier-1 vendors

  • 84% of incidents are resolved on the 1st call

  • Each customer has an allocated Service Delivery Manager

  • Increased business productivity, with our expert guidance we will provide better performance, uptime and cost efficiency for your business

  • ITIL aligned

  • P6 VIP priority – allowing every ticket to be treated with high priority. We constantly monitor the real-time status of your network hardware and software so that issues can be resolved before they impact users. A proactive monitoring platform integrated into our Service Desk Management System enables us to provide an added level of business intelligence.

Integrated development

Using the right tools for the job is the secret to competitive advantage, sustainable quality and ongoing operational efficiency.


Usability First Design

We have all come to expect that good technology is transparent. Usability and access to data is the key factor in helping the right person make informed decisions at the right time. While security, reliability, performance and flexibility are givens in today’s world, they still need to be factored in. We do this on your behalf so you have the right solution to your needs.


Data Driven


In today’s online and integrated world your data is the second most critical business asset after your people. Our design skills ensure future proof solutions so you don’t lock your valuable information within your application so it becomes inaccessible to future needs.

Anytime Anywhere

For data to be relevant it needs to be accessible from any device anywhere and securely. Your solution needs also to provide this capability at an affordable cost. This is easier said than done, but with our expertise we will take this potential pain point away.

Accomplish More

Our mobile first cloud solutions are built to improve your customer service offerings and business operations. We offer flexible work arrangements based on your own capabilities; from pay as you go deliverable based solution cycles, to full ‘skin in the game’ development projects to mitigate your investment risk in technology. We bring heavy duty technology expertise to the table with a light touch.

We differentiate ourselves by ensuring our solutions are business results driven and partner focused. This means we work with you to build out the logistics required to run and maintain your solution from a business perspective once deployed.

With our enterprise class technology services and technical skills we will ensure your solution is fit for purpose.

  • Use our quick start Pilot Plan to prove your idea will work as needed

  • Use our Solution Plan to gain access to the missing skills you need

  • Use our Full Delivery and Hosting Plan to create a partnership for success and ongoing opportunity

All our plans come with options for help desk support services, and much more.

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