Risk mitigation

Risk is defined as a combination of threat and vulnerability.  Threats are actions or the consequence of actions by others that may have a negative impact on your business.  You do not have control over threats as they are in the minds and actions of others.  

Vulnerability are the conditions you create or allow to exist that provide the threats the opportunity to negatively impact your business.


Risk Mitigation are the measures you can take to reduce your vulnerability and therefore reduce the risk to your business.


Risk can always be minimised but it requires identification of threat and vulnerability.


The consequence of risk in your business is reduced efficiency, integrity and productivity.  Who does not want to reduce risk in their business by identifying the threat and vulnerability?


How can Six Factor assist reduce risk?  Here are some examples of the type of experience Six Factor offer:

Threat Assessments

Our experienced consultants are skilled in identifying threats that are specific to your business or business sector and will identify existing, new and emerging threats that may negatively impact your business.

Vulnerability Assessments

By close examination of the way in which you use technology, your operational practices and staff behaviour Six factor will identify vulnerabilities that have been created and make your business vulnerable to risk

Health Assessments

Six Factor will conduct an overall assessment of the health of your business examining processes and practices and as a result identifying vulnerability and risk providing you with recommendations and solutions.

When something goes wrong!

A wide range of challenges can occur in our business that are related to the way in which technology and procedures are utilised.  Six Factor will conduct a health assessment when things go wrong, not to just fix the problem but to drill down into root causes ensuring realistic solutions will strengthen your business.

Six Factor Team:

The Six Factor team have decades of experience in a wide range of disciplines from technology to human resources and to investigative skills.  We pride ourselves on identifying issues, threat, risk and vulnerability and identifying realistic workable solutions tailored to your specific needs and business.  Solutions may include assisting writing new policy and procedures, changing human behaviour or recommending different technology platforms to improve efficiency, vulnerability and productivity.

Six Factor Experience:

The Six Factor team have experience in both the public and private sector.  Team members have worked in virtually all business sectors in Canada, United States, South America, Europe and the Middle East -  including:

  • Manufacturing 

  • Service industries

  • Consumer products 

  • Technology 

  • Energy 

  • Food markets

  • Construction 

  • Entertainment 

  • Public sector

  • Private education

  • Post secondary education

  • Federal and Provincial Government

  • Healthcare

  • Voluntary Sector